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 Yale University

The Chief and the Bureaucrats: Power Dynamics in the U.S. Executive Branch (U) Syllabus
Introduction to American Politics  (U) Syllabus

Policymaking under Separation of Powers (U/G) Syllabus
Research and Writing (G)

University of Michigan

Mentoring Faculty-in-Residence, 2018 Summer Institute on EITM: Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models 
Advanced Game Theory (at ICPSR), Graduate Student Instructor for James D. Morrow (Graduate, Summer 2016)
Mentor for the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (2015-2017)
Introduction to American Politics, Head Graduate Student Instructor for Robert Mickey (Undergraduate, Winter 2015)
Politics of Income Inequality in the U.S., Graduate Student Instructor for Robert Mickey (Undergraduate, Fall 2014)

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